Meet Marcus

Marcus is an experienced real estate professional and seasoned sales person with The Corcoran Group in New York City. His guidance and personalized service helps each client achieve their specific goals. 


His Story

Marcus understands that real estate is a very personal and important factor that every human being needs to deal with. He uses his 9 years of experience to navigate the complex New York market and help people confidently move their lives forward. 


His Mission

The home is a foundation in which people build their lives, invest in their financial future and draw emotional strength every day. When dealing with this important asset, you can be sure Marcus will treat every deal with the importance it deserves. You can expect professionalism, compassion, honesty, and results every time. 


What do his Clients have to say? 

It's all about the end result for Marcus, happy clients. Reputation is essential to doing business in a competitive landscape and thousands of real estate agents to choose from. Referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients keep Marcus moving forward. See what they have to say by clicking the link below.