6 Purchases to Save Your Kitchen

The battle for counter space is a never ending drama between your toaster, pans, and dishes from last night. Your ambitions as an at home celebrity chef hinge on an orderly work space and having your tools close at hand. Here are our top picks for saving that counter space for your mise en place rather than utensil storage.

small kitchen.jpg

Wall-Mounted Fruit Basket: A hanging or wall-mounted fruit basket eliminates the need for a fruit bowl, freeing up counter or table space. Buy a stylish model like this one and make a design statement as well!

Wine Glass Rack: Make use of that under-cabinet-space by installing a hanging rack to store stemmed glassware. You’ll free up your cabinets for other items and while proudly displaying those new fancy wine glasses you bought

Magnetic Knife Rack: Storing knives haphazardly in a drawer ruins the blades, and a block occupies too much counter space. This clever multi-tasker allows you to store your knives safely and also includes hooks for kitchen tools. You can get rid of that old Ikea utensil holder that everybody else has anyways


Dish Mat: Don’t cook enough to justify a dish rack? This drying mat does the trick and looks chic and and unassuming sitting on your countertop. It also mutitaskets as a trivet for hot cookware, and you can roll it up and stash it away when not in use.

Dish Rack: This compact model from Simple Human is the mother of all dish racks and fits so many things! With a detachable utensil basket and wine glass rack and an extendable drip tray, it can expand and contact according to your needs. It also drains right into the sink and is made of a material that encourages quick evaporation, minimizing gross standing water.


Magnetic Spice Rack: Assuming your stove is shoved in between your fridge and a wall (pretty much standard for NYC kitchens), this magnetic spice rack is a lifesaver. Keep your most used items, like salt, pepper, and a mini bottle of olive oil, within arms reach at all times.

I hope you found our suggestions helpful and you are getting back space in your apartment one square inch at a time with good design. If you have any questions about home design or buying and selling real estate please feel free to contact me any time. Have a wonderful day :)

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