4 Saving Graces for a Tiny NYC Apartment

4 Saving Graces for Tiny NYC Apartments

Square footage in NYC is at a premium, especially if you are cohabiting with a roommate, significant other, or fur baby. Here are our top 10 picks to make a small space in the big city more livable. Click the images to make the upgrades you need for the new pad. 

Clothing/Towel Rack: Instantly double your closet space with this leaning ladder rack or free up dresser space by using it as a towel rack in the bathroom. Its width is adjustable so you can customize the rack to your storage needs



Acrylic Nesting Tables: No room for a coffee table? No worries! These acrylic nesting tables are super handy when you need a spot to rest your wine glass, takeout container, or even your feet (we won’t tell). It doesn’t hurt that they look sleek and take up almost no visual space




Floating Shelves: The best way to maximize storage in a small apartment is to think vertically. These floating shelves have an industrial chic feel and don’t use up precious floor space. Hang them as high or as low as you’d like



TV Mount: Who needs a TV stand these days? Mount your flat screen to the wall to make your living room seem that much bigger. I have a long, narrow living room, and I love being able to swivel the TV if I’m sitting at the table vs. the couch


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