Summer Solstice: Culture and Science


The longest day of the year is called the Summer Solstice and it marks the start of summer in the northern hemisphere. Party is the theme of the day as cultures around the world celebrate with drink bringing the youth of the community together. Plants know what the day is too as they move into the fruiting cycle with shorter days. Historically across cultures it has always been a day where people get together and celebrate life. Enjoy the listen and remember to subscribe in itunes!


In NYC we don't have Stonehenge but we do have Manhattanhenge, check it out! 

Here are a few fun facts I like :)

  • It is the longest day of the year
  • Plants start their seeding cycle
  • The Arctic will see 24 hours of day light 
  • The largest controlled manmade fire was made on this day in Sweden
  • Ancient fertility ceremonies take place across many cultures 
  • The earth is the farthest away from the sun on this day
  • Stonehenge in England has the biggest party of the year 
  • The Solstice will begin the start of the hottest weeks of the year

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