6 Tips for Selling Your Home this Spring

Check out my agent page at www.marcusschott.com

Check out my agent page at www.marcusschott.com

Do you feel like your home is lacking the POP you see on HGTV? If you have that thought, it does. No worries needed as we have you covered. This article takes less then 5 minutes to read so do something good for yourself and continue to scroll down.

I have seen some terrible and amazing open houses, from 200 square foot studios to lavish mansions with second wine cellars large enough to fit ever possession you have ever own or will ever own. The difference between WOW and MEH is all in the details and following a few basic rules.

No one likes a space so cold that you feel an artificial intelligence who is not quite human occupies this space while recharging and downloading the internet. On the on the other hand, if you walk in to a home decorated by the owners' childhood dolls from 50 years ago named after famous personalities of the time; you begin to question your personal safety and look for the exit.

Follow these rules and I assure you will find potential buyers sticking around just a little bit longer and envisioning family holidays in your space. Simplify your space, simply your life.

Rules to list by when selling your home:

  1. Set yourself up for a quick sale - with PROPER PRICING. We have a term in the business called "chasing the market". Don't price your home for its value down the line or in 5 years, make sure it is priced to be competitive for the market right now. If you price yourself competitively in the market it is very likely you can generate multiple interested buyers.
  2. Light it Up - Open up window spaces. Good flow means opening up the inside to the outside especially if there is a lovely view to mother nature. Change your lamp shades and increase the wattage of your light bulbs. Dust all services and frame light filled corners.
  3. Tone it down - If you have your home are studio painted black, please abandon that idea and get an off white going. White walls emphasize the space and allow potential buyers to envision the space for their own uses more freely.
  4. First Impressions - Paint the front door. I can't count how many owners and rental landlords who do not understand the concept of a front door. They are symbolic of the entire building, it sets the stage for the the entire experience of spending your precious time in this building. Make sure your front door and entrance is welcoming your guests. Entrances or foyer should always have elements of nature (ie plants and flowers) and a feeling of a transitional sitting area to move from the outdoors to the cozy home.
  5. Sparkles - The initial glance around a room plays on first impression. One of the main things you will notice when entering home is how clean it is. I can see dust and smudges from a mile away and it makes me cringe. I'm not saying that my personal home a sterile environment void of dust, but when a home buyer contemplating a 30 year mortgage of hard work walks into your home these impressions stick. Dust your ceiling fans and make sure textured cloth surfaces get a fresh puff.
  6. Depersonalize - We should have probably mentioned this first but get rid of all your personal garbage. The stuffed animal you won on your first date with boo or bae - GONE! The 25 books you still have from your "True life: my time as a mime on the road circa 2001 - 2003" stage -  GONE! All of it, you don't need it, no one wants to see it and it has a better place in the free market or a landfill. Sorry that is the truth and we all know it. You needed an opportunity to do this anyways. I'm sorry to all the hoarders out there but its time to move on.

I hope these simple to follow rules can start you on the right path to a successful home sale! If you are overwhelmed or don't have the time to sell your home, you know who to call! ME! Message me or call my cell for a free home and market analysis. Till next time!