Space Savers for Your New York Apartment

Simple Human Steel Dish Rack

Having a dishwasher in New York City can sometimes be a luxury for the lucky few. Do not fret, doing your own dishes are not the end of the world and if you have the right tools. When I moved into my newest apartement, space was an issue as always. My prior strategy was to let my semi clean dishes linger in the sink and I would reuse them as often as possible with one off cleans. I thought I would be a monk, only using one bowl and one spoon. This aspiration soon became an unobtainable dream. You get tired, you get distracted, you get pulled out for "just one" drink with your neighborhood buddies. This Simplehuman Dish rack saved my life. I used to believe more in a utilitarian approach to furnishing your apartment with things pertaining to cleaning and kitchen. I was wrong. This is a $80 dollar dish rack but it was worth every penny. The style and function made this purchase well worth it. It is durable and it can hold ALL of your dishes. Not only is the steel construction going to survive a nuclear winter, it also has a specific under drain to channel water back into the sink with elegant care. You have a side rack to dry wine glasses and two under carriages to expand the foot print for more dishes. Must have, buy this now to save your relationship with your significant other or roommate. 

Simplehuman Shower Caddy 

Shower clutter is my number one issue with keeping my bathroom clean. Face scrub, shampoo, bar of soap, liquid soap, blessed creams from the Himalayas.. you get the point there are a lot of bathing supplies out there. Stylishly secured on your wall, you can shower and sing your heart out with out knocking over your entire collection of shower supplies. It also will match your dish rack showing your guests that you do have some style and you are somewhat sophisticated. 

Oxo Dish Drying Rack

Was the dish rack not enough space? Or did you just wait until the pile was so large that your now clean pile is a mess in itself? Do not worry, this Silicon Drying Mat is here to rescue you. It is perfect for placing extra dishes that don't fit in trying rack, cleans easily, stores anywhere and can handle hot pans you need to take out of the oven. 

Nesting Tables

Whether you are in a 350 square foot studio or a luxury penthouse, nesting tables are a must. Perfectly designed to fit in any nook and provide ample table space for an impromptu guest party or side tables for the couch. This set gives a modern feel with a dark steel base and wood grain tops. 

Over the Door Shoe Rack - When I was growing up we had an endless pile of shoes in the entry way as you entered the house. Most made it to the closet at the end of the hall and the rest laid tired and worn in no particular order. You can't do this in a New York apartment. This rack saved much needed floor space. Also you can't hide any stinky shoes under the bed and be forced to look at your shoe game very carefully each day as you leave your home. 

I hope you found these little picks helpful and make your home less chaotic. Live well have a nice day!