The Advantage of Beginners

The Advantage of Beginners.png

Starting out in your real estate business can be scar. Many of you may feel that you might have a lack of direction or no real advantages against senior agents. It is true, the more experience and knowledge in any skill will make you better than the competition but everyone needs to start somewhere. Even Michael Jordan dribbled a basketball for the first time. I firmly believe that in business and in life you can have distinct advantages over seasoned veterans simply because you are new. This seems counter intuitive but its true and you must utilized your current set of skills to get your business off the ground.


Now the first obvious fact about starting any business is... you don't have any business. Now this might get in the way or be an objection from a seller but in reality it could be part of your sales pitch.

Seller: "I like your pitch, how many other similar homes have you sold in the area or currently have on the market?"

New Agent: "I personally have not represented a seller in a completed sale as I am a new agent, this will be my first sale but our brokerage has dozens of similar homes for sale with buyers in the pipeline we can bring you."

Seller: "Oh, that is a bit unsettling. I want an agent who has sold homes similar to mine, it seems more of a sure thing. Joe Smith has 10 other listings on the market right now, that means he is a good sales person and will get this sold."

New Agent: "I am sure Joe Smith is a great agent and could sell your home, but are all those homes going to sell at the current price? Do you want to be 1 of 10 clients? If you hire me this will be my top priority and it will get my full attention!"

Seller: "Are you sure you can sell the home? What happens if we get a curve ball and the sale is held up because of your lack of experience?

New Agent: "Just because I have not yet sold a home, doesn't mean I don't know how to sell your home. I am well versed in the process, aware of local laws, and eager to represent your interests. Our firm has sold hundreds of home and we have resources to tackle any issue that may rise. Do you want me to sell your home?

Seller: "If you can get the price I want and close smoothly I'll be happy. Let's do it! I feel honored to be your first client and currently only client :)"

New Agent: "You are my top priority, I won't let you down!"


Like any job or business, the process of selling can get tiring over time and can lead to burnout or fatigue. With this fatigue agents can get lazy or fall off the ball. This happens with me from time to time. You get 2 or 3 headache deals or 3 months of work goes down the tube when your home run deal crumbles to pieces. As a veteran agent it is important to remember to do the basics, the daily actions that generated success in the first place. This is making calls, keeping up with clients, prospecting, cold calling ect. We are people and people get tired. When you are new, you see the world in rose colored glasses :) When the competition sleeps, its time for you to go on the offensive. This is why I think the traditional "slow months" are the best time to get new clients and deals going.

You're the new agent, use your enthusiasm and eagerness to do the hard work. Managing your energy is hard, but if you start out with the right habits it can be easy to maintain. Hold open houses for senior agents who may need a break, this will help you meet buyers starting to look and do not have an agent. Prospect and door knock, this can take a lot of time and not always work but if it does its a great way to impress prospective clients. Ideally you want to keep clients for ever, but that doesn't always happen. This is where new agents can step in and get new business that a senior agent might be giving less of a priority or forgot about. A $2000 rental maybe exactly what you need right now, but Sue Jones (owners agent) perhaps is busy selling million dollar homes and forgot to follow up this month. If you are in an area where door knocking or hanging door hangers works, you can get a face to face meeting with a home owner. Many times home owners don't think too much and use who is in front of them right now or consistently follows up. The take home message is use your energy and time to find holes in the market that are being undeserved by senior agents.


Newness means you don't have much of a history. Remember the age old, move to a new town and get a fresh start? You can do this with your job, career, or maybe you just switched to a new brokerage? Lack of brand history allows you to establish a unique reputable brand and in the day of the internet this is important. You haven't done a bad job or got a bad review, make sure to keep it this way! Use this opportunity to thoughtfully market yourself in the way you want to be perceived by the public and hopefully generate business specifically oriented to your best qualities. See my article on TIPS FOR NEW AGENTS to see how you can start to market yourself. No history is better than bad history, ask anyone with a bad credit report (you will run into many clients like this). 

Use your greenness as a weapon. Green is the color of growth and newness. Your perspective as a new agent, likely from another career, will give you an advantage that someone in the industry for 20 years may not be able to see. When you are too close to something, it is very hard to see around it. Remember to stay fresh even as you get more sales under your belt. I hope this article gave you a few ideas for your business. Send me questions on social media or here and let me know how you used these tactics as a newbie.