When is the best time of year to sell?

In the olden times, seasonality mattered. Humans planted seeds in the spring, harvest in the summer and fall, and prepared for the cold of winters. Our biology calls for us to move with the tides of natures. Real Estate is something that can be very primal, your home, the place you sleep. Myth and legends can live long after there time. The traditional real estate calendar is still alive in well in certain circles, but does it still hold true? 

Thanksgiving through the New Year have always been seen as a "slow" time to list your home as many buyers are focused on family and holidays. Mid to late February is seen as the start to the busy listing season. It is the season of change! Rebirth and growth! September to mid October is also seen as a good time to list, post summer vacation and the start of school. Post Wall Street bonus season, early January, has ambitious bankers looking to put a bonus on a new property. 

The internet has changed the world into a connected world that demands our 24/7 attention and the real estate game adapted to the new landscape. For some investors or eager first time buyers, a nice listing online can secure the deal with out seeing the home. Many international house hunters can be in different time zones or be purchasing strictly as a rental. There is always a market for a serious buyer. If it is the day before Christmas Eve or July 4th, a well priced home will attract the buyers.  Sellers can also benefit from listing in traditionally slow time verse getting lost in the shuffle at the peak of the year. 

a well priced home will attract the buyers.

Not all markets are the same. Suburban markets can be a bit different where curb appeal is more important to the home's value. The changing leaves of fall or the seasonal blooming of local flora can make your property stand out. When it comes to the high end of the market, sellers must think about the abstract potential buyer. If you can afford a 3 million dollar loft in Manhattan, it is likely you are spending New Years skiing or hiding on a private tropical beach. If you want to sell your swank bachelor pad for a premium to Sterling Archer or Oprah, time it when they would likely be in the city. 

In the end, you will not get a 20% premium just because the weather might be slightly better one or two months from now. Price your home correctly and act quickly when you have a qualified buyer. The right buyer will appear if you are positioned correctly in the market and offering a quality product at a good price. We hope you found our advice useful and comment below. Reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts, we would love to hear from you. 

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