Answer these questions before listing your home.

1. My apartment is listed with over 260 licensed real estate firms in Manhattan.

                  2. My apartment is listed on a website that has over 1,000,000 visits per month.

                  3. My apartment is listed with several hundred real estate firms throughout the 50 U.S. States as part of a national executive relocation network.

                  4. My apartment is represented internationally through real estate firms in London, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Caracas, Buenos Aires and other major cities throughout the world.

                  5. I conduct direct mailings to banks, law firms, financial service companies, design and communications agencies.

                  6. My apartment is regularly advertised in the major real estate publications.

                  7. Every week I research newspapers to identify brokers who are advertising properties comparable to mine and make them aware of my apartments so that they show it right away to their new customers.  Every ad works as an ad for me.

                  8. I know what my competition is and what the price level is. I update this information every month.

                  9. I have a handsome Fact Sheet on my apartment, which is given to potential buyers so that they remember it – even a week after they saw it.

                  10. I have a list of the most active and successful real estate agents in my neighborhood and I hand deliver a copy of my Apartment Fact Sheet to each and every one of them.

                  11. I often host Open Houses for brokers.

                  12. I am not annoyed by the fact that I have to deal with broker inquiries at all hours of the day.

                  13. I have all the pertinent information on my building when an interested buyer requests it: copy of the original offering plan with all the amendments, the proprietary lease and by-laws; a schedule of the capital improvements in the building; financial statements for the last 2 years; a schedule of maintenance increases and special assessments over the last 5 years, etc., etc.

                  14. I am always present to show the apartment so that, even if the agent has not seen it, at least one person can point out the special features of my apartment.

                  15. I keep a meticulous log of the people who have seen the apartment and the marketing I have done every day.  I follow up on every showing to gather helpful feedback from potential buyers.  I always keep a log of the marketing activities planned for 30 days ahead.

                  16. When I finally sign a contract, I know I have done everything possible to obtain the highest price any buyer is going to offer me.

                    If you can answer “YES” to more than 5 of the 16 questions, please feel free to disregard my offer.  If not, please contact me: