This is America?

Last month my friend talked to me about her feelings on the current state of America, specifically how she felt the image of the flag had been taken over with hate. I love this country because you can be an American how you see fit. The way out of the current situation is to move forward with compassion and self reliance. I think that revisting your own pride for the American Flag and local civil service no matter how small will help in a big way. No one can help you and your community better then you. 

What is Purchase CEMA? Or Purchase Consolidation Extension and Modification Agreement

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When you are selling or purchasing a home in New York City, it is important to try and save money in any way possible. As prices creep up year by year, so do the mortgages and taxes on these transactions. We have two special guests today to help you better understand Purchase CEMA also known as Purchase Consolidation Extension and Modification Agreement.

It works like this: if the seller is still paying off her mortgage, and the buyer needs to get a mortgage as well, the buyer can take on the seller's loan, potentially saving both sides thousands of dollars in transaction taxes. It can also be a smart card to play in negotiations—a way for the parties to cut costs without the seller lowering the price.

So how exactly do you save money?

Buyers have to pay a state tax on the full dollar figure of any mortgage, known as a mortgage recording tax. With a CEMA, however, a buyer is only required to pay the tax on the so-called "new money," the funds that they borrow from the bank, and not the portion that they take on from the seller. 

For instance, if you're buying a $1 million dollar property and taking out an $800,000 mortgage, you'd be taxed on the full amount of the loan at a rate of 1.925 percent, totaling $15,400. If the seller assigns you their $300,000 mortgage, you'd only pay taxes on the remainder of your financing—$500,000—reducing your bill to $9,625, a savings of nearly $6,000.

Lets listen to the interview I recorded with Shawn Carson and Jeffrey St. Arromand

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An Interview with Hany's Fire Tonics


Today we have a great guest Hany Eldiwany, founder of Hany's Fire Tonics. He started his own apple cider vinegar company from scratch to bring you the health benefits of this wonderful drink. He has a background in chemical engineering, energy, and yoga. Very interesting cat, I hope you find it inspirational and informative. Get a pack for your loved ones this holiday season! Don't fear the reaper. @firetonics on instagram

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The Brooklyn Market Report: Q3 2017

Fresh off the press we have our most recent market report for Brooklyn Q3 2017. Are you looking to buy or sell a home this year? Be informed. Listen to our most recent episode and read the full report by clicking the button below and subscribe in itunes. Enjoy!

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Key Highlights

  • Closed sales up 31%
  • Inventory down -13%
  • Median PPSF up 10%
  • Brooklyn's median price $733K

Episode #17 with @Brooklyn_Blocks


We are joined this episode by founder and principal broker at Brooklyn Blocks Real Estate. This boutique firm is located at 231 Rogers Avenue in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. We talk about starting your own Brokerage firm and tips for new agents, owners, and renters. Tune in, subscribe in itunes and share.


Episode #16 - The Importance of Proper Pricing

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This week we talk about proper pricing. Understanding pricing is essential to doing business. It is the first communication of value to a prospective buyer. Do you price at the top of the market? Do you want to communicate a deal? Knowing your goal and your market are essential to closing a smooth deal. Tune in to our podcast to learn more. Rate, subscribe, comment :)